Pawsitive Dog Prison Training Program

The dogs below belong to our second batch of dogs - session 22 - at Airway Heights Corrections Center. They will stay there until Dec. 19 - just in time to go home for the holidays! By then, AHCC inmates and trainers from Diamonds in the Ruff have put thousands of dollars worth of training on them, and they become available for adoption for just $300. The link to the adoption application is at the bottom of this page. In a few weeks, when dogs and inmates know each other a little better, we will expand on the different dog's bio - so keep checking our website. Thank you for your outstanding support of this program!

Questions? Call (509) 467-5235 Ext. 211 or email:

Selena, 1-year-old female

Selena 2

Selena is a border collie mix who loves to run, play and sleep. She can be a little timid but does well with most other dogs - especially little dogs. Selena is a little bit of a diva, but she's very loving and she loves to cuddle. She knows the difference between 'left paw' and 'right paw' when asked to shake.

Lily, 2-year-old female

Lily 2

Lily is a tiny and very timid chihuahua/terrier mix. When she first got in to the program she was pretty much shut down: she'd curl up and ignore everyone or she'd just freeze. She is truly tiny and feels most comfortable sitting in someone's lap. Every day she gets a little more comfortable and a little more outgoing. Lily tends to use her cuteness to her advantage - and she is totally adorbs, so we can't really blame her.

Baby, 2-year-old female

Baby 2

Baby is another chihuahua/terrier mix. She's a bit bigger and more outgoing than Lily, but she acts like she's very afraid of getting stepped on. Like Lily, she's most comfortable in someone's lap. She loves her Nyla bone and any treat that is peanut butter flavored. Baby does okay with other dogs as long as they aren't too rowdy, and she's a fairly quick learner once she feels comfortable.

Charlie, 1-year-old male

Charlie 2

Charlie is a cattle dog cross of some sort. He's very affectionate and his favorite thing to do is training or learning a new trick. He does great with other dogs and his favorite treat is high value cookies. Charlie can get a little startled by loud noises, but he is very outgoing and loves everyone - he also loves to sit on your foot. He has already learned to carry his sleeping mat with him.

Kelly, 2-year-old female

Kelly 2

Kelly is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix who, like the other small dogs in this group, really likes to sit in someone's lap. She's a little shy but comes around quickly. Her favorite thing to do is to cuddle and she can "sit pretty." Her handler says she's very loving and friendly, even when she's a little scared. She loves bacon flavored treats.

Minka, 2-year-old tri-paw

Minka 2

Minka is a labrador cross who lost a front leg after she was hit by a car. Being a tri-paw doesn't bother her one bit and she loves to run and play outside. She does great with other dogs but is not a real big cuddler with humans, though she does love to get her belly rubbed. She's a quick learner and gets along with everyone.

Debbie, 3-year-old female

Debbie 2

Debbie is an outgoing, playful doberman mix who also goes by "Lil' Miss Debbie." She's very affectionate and she does great with the other dogs. Debbie is excitable and she loves to learn new things. She knows how to "hug" and "bow" and she loves to cuddle. She's a quick learner, though sometimes she needs a little time to settle and think about what's being asked. She's a really happy, active dog.

Murray, 2-year-old male

Murray 2

Murray is a Schnauzer/terrier mix and he strutted into AHCC like he owned the joint. He is eager to please and loves people. He's a fast learner but sometimes he gets overwhelmed and excited instead of paying attention. Murray isn't bothered by all the other people and dogs - he really likes to be around people, and his favorite treat is anything meat flavored.