Primary Breed:

Domestic Shorthair

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10.50 Years (Senior)

Special Needs:


BCR (cat adoption)





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Spokane Humane Society

Cat ID #: 42771242

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Jaz is a large girl with an even larger personality! It took a while to really get to know Jaz because she wasn't feeling well when she first came in. Now? She is all over the place! We have to start by saying that she needs to be the only pet in her new house. She doesn't care for other animals and she's not afraid to show you she means it. With that said, you won't find a cat with more personality. She is outgoing, she is active, she is playful, she is saucy. She loves nothing more than getting to come out and visit. You'll usually find her in the highest bed in the room, napping, like a cat. When she has to go back inside her unit, she is calm and obliging. If she's not out napping in the room, she's napping in her bed. She has a large and comfy bed. Jaz has been on a diet since she arrived and she has already lost several pounds. Her personality took a big jump after her weight loss because she was feeling so much better! She still has a few pounds to go but she is an easy patient and never complains about the meals we serve. She really feels so much better. She flops around on the floor, stretches her entire body out like she is swimming and just begs to be petted. She loves to chase little toys and it's very amusing to see this big, mature lady chasing after a tiny little stuffed mouse and trying to disembowel it. She loves gentle scratches around the head and neck. If she's not in the mood or has had enough, she will let you know. There is such a huge personality there, there will always be someone engaging and so happy to see you when you come home each day. She follows you around like a dog, staring up into your eyes, sometimes giving a little meow. There is a lot going on behind those eyes and you'll find great reward and pleasure getting to know Jaz. She is a character.

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  • Adopters are encouraged to bring resident canines to meet a new dog prior to adoption. Adoptable dogs can be "cat-tested" upon request.
  • Adopters are encouraged to bring all the human members of their household to meet their new companion.
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