Fay Fay







Primary Breed:

Domestic Shorthair

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2.08 Years (Adult)

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Not Defined


Spokane Humane Society





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Spokane Humane Society

Cat ID #: 45323536

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Fay Fay has a ton of potential for the right person. We are prepared for the fact that it may take a while to find that perfect home for her because she is a particular cat. With a particular personality. It isn't that she has a strong personality but she is a bit insecure so reacts to stressors in unpredictable ways sometimes. It is also very unfortunate that she has been declawed, so that she cannot use her natural first line of defense to warn people when something frightens or stresses her and because of this she can resort to biting. She seems confident when she strides around her area but she is very cautious and on edge with the other cats in the room. She has mellowed a bit since arriving but she still has a long way to go. She came from a very full house with dogs, cats, 5 children, an adult and a senior. A cat like Fay Fay would likely be overwhelmed in such a busy home. She has requested that her next home be MUCH more laid back and quiet. She has shown a bit of interest in other cats but it is still so overwhelming being here that she can't relax enough to get to know them. There is just too much going on. We would suggest a home where she is the only pet. Maybe in time that could change but she would do best without that added stress at this point. She is a GORGEOUS Bengal mix and she shows some of those Bengal traits. She LOVES the stringy wand type toys and would probably benefit from one of the interactive toys out there that would stimulate her mind and body and help her relieve some stress. Bengals are active cats and need exercise, Fay Fay included. Going outside is not a safe option for Fay Fay because of the declawing. It may take some time for her to learn to trust a new person but she has improved since she first arrived. And she may never turn into a cuddle bug though she is affectionate in her own guarded way. She's trying very hard. She needs someone who is very cat savvy and won't expect her to suddenly turn into a gentle lap cat once they get home and she isn't under as much stress. She may always be reactive but that doesn't mean you and she can't live a full and happy life together, you'll just have to get to know each others' needs and your ability to provide what sweet Fay Fay really needs. Understanding and security. And sometimes after you've tried so many things, and if she still seems on edge, you can speak with your veterinarian about other options to help her. There is no shame in considering medication to help her adjust and live a happier life. Keep your options open. Fay Fay really does have a lot of potential for the right person and deserves every chance at a happy and exciting life! Are you ready for a project? Just remember, Fay Fay likes to set the rules. At least for now…..

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