foster care

The Spokane Humane Society relies heavily on its foster parents to help save thousands of lives! If you are interested in becoming a foster parent you can click the application button below, fill the form out completely and submit when you are finished. Print and fill out the packet and return it to the Spokane Humane Society. If you are signing up due to a plea on Facebook or Instagram, you can sign up online then email to let her know which pet you’d like to help. Otherwise, if you are not yet sure who you’d like to help, expect to receive & respond to emails regarding foster pets in need of loving homes based on their foster needs & requirements. Thank you all for your support!

why foster care?

An animal may be entered into the foster program if it needs rehabilitation prior to being made available for adoption. Many of the animals in need of a foster home are puppies and kittens too young to be adopted. Animals that can be rehabilitated, that have manageable conditions due to minor illnesses, malnutrition, and some behavior problems, receive a second chance through the program.

What sort of supplies will I need to purchase?

None! SHS provides all the necessary materials for foster parents. This can include food, dishes, litter pans, leashes/collars, litter, formula, medical care, training guidance and support.

I have animals of my own, will that be a problem?

Not typically. We do suggest that foster parents keep foster animals separated from other pets at home. This prevents any illness the foster animal might be carrying from being transmitted to your animals at home. Bathrooms make wonderful foster rooms because they aren’t too large and are easy to clean!

Are their any special requirements to become a foster parent?

The official foster parent must be at least 18 years of age; however the whole family can participate in being a foster home. Foster parents must complete a foster parent application and agree to the foster parent terms of agreement. Foster parents must also complete a Washington State Patrol background check form.

How long does it take?

Fostering can be a big time commitment. It can take anywhere from one week to 3 – 4 months before and animal can be adoption ready.

Once I have filled out my application, how do I get started?

You’ll be contacted after your foster parent application is reviewed via email. We will send you training supplies and online training tools. You will be loaded into our foster care system and will be included in emails when we send out foster parent requests.

What types of animals need foster care?

We have many different types of animals that may need foster care: Underage animals—any puppy or kitten under the age of 8 weeks will need foster care. These foster cases can range from one-day-old babies that need bottle feeding to 6-week old kiddos who just need a safe space to romp, play and be loved until they are old enough to be adopted. Pregnant animals—pregnant dogs or cats will need quiet, clean and comfortable spaces to have and raise their young in. Out & About Dogs—the Out & About program helps us place dogs into foster homes that may be ill, injured, frightened, in need of training or dogs that simply need a break from the shelter.

Questions or for more info, call: 509.847.5591