vaccine clinic

Due to recent changes in legislation, the Spokane Humane Society vaccine clinic will now require proof of low-income status to make a vaccine appointment. Prior to completing the request for an appointment, you will need to upload documentation supporting your low-income status.

hours of operation

Families must be considered low income and be able to demonstrate they are a recipient of a public assistance program to qualify for our spay/neuter services. To schedule an appointment, click “make an appointment” & attach proof of public assistance.

 Monday – Thursday:

8:00am – 5:00pm

Friday – Sunday: closed

vaccination clinic
by appointment only

Monday from 2:30 to 4:00 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Non-refundable vaccine deposit: $10 (goes toward cost).
15-minute appointments per animal.
For toenail trims, if you have a pet known to be difficult or aggressive, please schedule for two, 15-minute segments per animal.

veterinary clinic

Our Veterinary Clinic provides low income pet owners with affordable veterinary services such as vaccinations, micro-chipping, and spay or neuter surgery. Please attach proof of public assistance when you sign up. Indicators of public assistance are listed below.  Our veterinary clinic’s hours of operation are listed above.

vaccine clinic

Our Vaccine Clinic provides low income pet owners with affordable vaccinations. Please be aware there will be a $10 copay with your appointment that will be subtracted from your balance at the end of the visit.

veterinary medical assistance program (VMAP)

We understand that the love for your furry friends knows no financial boundaries, and yet is a struggle for many pet parents every day. Our Veterinary Medical Assistance Program (VMAP), is a lifeline for members of our community who face financial challenges enabling companion animals to stay with their families and in loving homes. VMAP offers reduced fees for veterinary services to households who meet low-income criteria which includes non-overnight medical urgent, preventative, and surgical care. This program is accessible based on the clinic’s schedule. For further information and to check appointment availability, please call (509) 467-5235 x219 or email

means-tested assistance programs
  • food stamps
  • medicaid
  • CHIP
  • WIC
  • HMIS
  • free/reduced lunches
  • section 8

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to supply the following inexpensive services to low-income dog and cat owners.

procedures for dogs

Female Dog Spay

Non-refundable deposit: $25 (goes toward cost)
up to 25 lbs: $130
26-50 lbs: $135
51-75 lbs: $175
76-100 lbs: $205
over 100 lbs: $220+ (add $10 for every 10lbs over 125lbs)

Male Dog Neuter

Non-refundable deposit: $25 (goes toward cost)
up to 25 lbs: $120
26-50 lbs: $135
51-75 lbs: $160
76-100 lbs: $200
over 100 lbs: $220+ (add $10 for every 10lbs over 125lbs)

Rabies $20
Distemper/Parvo $20
Bordetella $20
Microchip $30+tax
Flea & Tick Preventative $20-25 per dose
Dewormer $10


procedures for cats

Female Cat Spay $100

Non-refundable deposit: $25 (goes toward cost)

Male Cat Neuter $80

Non-refundable deposit: $25 (goes toward cost)

Rabies $20
FeLV/FIV testing $25
Microchip $30+tax
Flea preventative $20-25 per dose
Dewormer $10


additional surgery fees

Non refundable surgery deposit $25
Pre-anesthetic bloodwork $65
In-heat (dogs only) $30
pregnant (<30 days) $25
pregnant (>30 days) $35
Cryptorchid $45+
Obese $20
Aggressive $25+
Other complications $25+
Additional take-home medicine $15+tax
Cone collar $10
Cardboard carrier $10