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This year, instead of a FurrBall silent auction, we have a gift in return for your donation. Click the button below to help more animals like Chewie find their furever homes.

FurrBall may be faux this year, but the need is still very real. 

The Spokane Humane Society’s Board of Directors requests the absence of your presence at our non-event.  This event will never take place and you do not have to go anywhere or do anything.  

The animals still need your help, but not in person… This year, we present Faux FurrBall 2020 – Stay home for the animals of the Spokane Humane Society. 

Please make a donation to the Spokane Humane Society for what you would normally spend. You will be helping the animals while keeping fellow lovers of the furrkids safe… and we are still keeping the tradition of  the commemorative FurrBall wine glasses alive. Click the button below to find out ways to help.  

we created the STAR Program –

because all animals deserve love and care. The STAR Program – which stands for Special Treatment and Recovery, allows us to provide life-saving medical care to abused, neglected, injured and sick shelter animals. Help our animals live healthier, happier lives by donating today.


it’s our 123rd birthday!

The story of the Spokane Humane Society is the story of dedicated, caring people coming together to do extraordinary things. Explore our history, and see how we’re making a difference in 2020

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