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about us

We are a private, non-profit serving the public by providing care, shelter, and placement into loving homes for lost, neglected, and unwanted animals in the greater Spokane area through pet adoptions.

our story

The Spokane Humane Society was founded by a group of concerned citizens in 1897. Back then, we looked after the draft horses used to carry loads up Spokane’s South Hill. Today, we take care of more than 5,000 animals each year, mostly dogs and cats in need of compassionate care. Over the years, we’re becoming Spokane’s go-to pet adoption center. When we consider our more than one hundred years of history we are humbled to think of how much private funding we’ve received from those of you in the Spokane community who care deeply about the welfare of homeless pets. They thank you, and so do we.

Care to do a little more digging on the history of Spokane Humane Society? Well, Nona Hengen wrote the book “In Pursuit of Compassion,” to celebrate our centennial in 1997. Contact us to order a copy.

mission & vision

Our mission is to enrich the lives of companion animals through support, education, advocacy, and love. Our vision is that Spokane would be a humane community in which animals are always treated with compassion and respect. As such, we are committed to never euthanizing animals due to lack of space. Instead we have developed strong partnerships to help us meet the needs of Spokane’s pets and promote a high rate of pet adoption. Because we understand the importance of animals in our lives and the need to reduce the surplus animal population through spay and neuter programs, we reach out to tens of thousands of individuals each year with these goals in mind.

statistics for 2016

spays & neuters
volunteer hours
save rate

We take extraordinary measures with every animal who enters our care. We can't save all of them —some are too sick, or at the end of their life — but we are incredibly proud to say we saved 97% in 2016.

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Executive Director

Sheila Geraghty

Development Director

Pia Hallenberg

Shelter Manager

Amanda Bennett

Assistant Shelter Manager

Virginia Jansen

Volunteer & Outreach

Sarah Garner

Administrative Assistant

Sherrie Sletager

Finance Director

Deana Hamilton


Dr. Logan Belleque

Dr. Jesse Robinson

Veterinary Assistants

Kyle Fortune
Tawnie Rand

Feline Kennel Technician

Donna Versteeg
Tasha Jeppeson

Clinic Receptionist

Pamela Gardner

Adoption Counselors

Tasha Jeppesen

Ferran Thomas

Foster & Intake Coordinator

Patricia Lee

Everyday Adoption Center at PetSmart, 9950 N. Newport Hwy.

Virginia Jansen
Melanie Helms
Jessica Varda
Natasha Kortness

Canine Kennel Technician

Mike Bratcher
Aimee Poulain
Karen Foster

Exam Technicians

Ferran Thomas

Sheena Horne

Grounds/ Maintenance Staff

Justin Lelbach

Shelter floating technician

Aiden Elliot

board of directors


Caroline Flynn

Vice President

Jody Morehouse


Logan Wilson


Elizabeth Mills

Board Members

Gail Golden

Catherine Reynolds

Alicia O'Mary

Melissa Williams

Mark Buening

Richard Ortega