board & train fund

Board & Train Pilot Program Fund:

We are privileged to care for a wonderful group of companion animals and a few would greatly benefit from a board and training program. Through our partnership with Purely Balanced K9 Training and with the support of passionate animal lovers like you, we have the opportunity to offer an essential obedience course to our long-term animals who need it the most. This transformative 2-week pilot program will address and correct behaviors that have become obstacles to successful adoptions, paving the way for brighter futures.

The fee for this training is $1,000, which includes an exclusive over 50% discount for Spokane Humane Society animals, covering the cost of one 2-week Board and Train Perfect Obedience course conducted by the skilled trainer at Purely Balanced K9 Training. By investing in this program, we can empower our harder-to-adopt furry friends to embark on the right path toward forming lasting connections with their future forever families.

We humbly request you to consider making a gift of any amount that will directly contribute to this vital behavior training program. Together, we can significantly reduce the time surrendered animals spend in our care and celebrate more heartwarming adoption success stories.

Be sure to follow Spokane Humane Society and Purely Balanced K9 Training, to see and experience the transformations.

*please note, SHS will advise on the companion animals who will benefit from this program most and work with the trainer on this list as openings become available.*