Adventures With a Prince

by: Karen Foster, Kennel Technician

Hello! In our last newsletter I wrote to you about how to train your adventure cat. This time around, I’d like to tell you a bit about my little adventurer!

You may wonder just how Prince came into my life. While I was working as a vet assistant, Price was surrendered so he could receive the medical care he needed for his broken leg. I fell in love and decided to foster him. From there, well you know the story… foster fail!

Early on I saw the drive in Prince to learn and explore. He inspired me to learn about training cats. We tried clicker training and I was absolutely astonished at how quickly he caught on! He was eager to learn and had a lot of focus. Soon, he knew as much as your average dog. Encouraged by the progress he made, I began researching what was needed to safely take Prince outdoors.  We began with explorations around the yard, then tried rides in the basket of my bike. Prince loved his outings, so we graduated to walks, hikes, camping trips and kayaking. Prince loves it all!  Camping is his favorite; he loves sleeping in the tent!

Now we’ve been adventuring together for four years, and we continue to find new places to go.  Prince has taught me a thing or two along the way about what it’s really like to take your cat on adventures.

Prince taught me to treat him as an individual, and just work with how he’s feeling in the moment. He’s proven time and time again that he is not a stereotypical cat. He does not care what he’s “supposed” to like and not like. He’s fine with water and he likes dogs. He has a dog brother named Hiro who he loves and looks to for security, they frequently walk together and sleep right next to each other.

Prince never does what’s expected of him. Sometimes he charges ahead on the trail leading me along to see what’s next. Other days he reminds me that “walking the cat” does not always mean the cat actually walks. In true cat fashion, there are some days where Prince prefers to perch on top of his backpack carrier and watch the world go by and that’s ok! It’s all about enjoyment.

Prince also reminds me to slow down and really take in the world around me. Sometimes our best days are ones where we don’t get very far, but the places we did go were thoroughly explored! He enjoys those just as much as our longer outings.

I’ve really enjoyed exploring and learning with my cat. We’ve got a list of places to see that I look forward to trying. I’m sure Prince will teach me even more along the way.

If you’ve ever considered trying the adventure life with your cat, give it a go! You never know what they will like until you try. Happy tails friends!  I wish you many happy adventures with your fur babies.

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