Best Tips and Tricks for Dogs that Shed

If you ever come to SHS in the spring (dog shedding season) you’ll see most of our staff covered in dog hair. Don’t worry though, we have some tips, tricks, and favorite products to help you with dogs that shed.

Some dogs shed year-round like Great Pyrenees, while some dogs shed season-round like Border Collies or Labrador Retrievers.

A quick note: Sometimes there are underlying disorders and allergies that cause excessive shedding, check with your vet if needed.

Tips and Tricks:

Frequent baths, but don’t overdo it!

Before you start, check your dog shampoo: Canine Weekly has a whole list of great shampoo options. Bathing often helps remove loose hair and tangled hair from your dog’s coat. Not only will this help with shedding, but it will also help your dog feel a little more comfortable.

If you wash too frequently, your furry friend might experience skin problems. Check with your vet and ask for bathing details to ensure the best for your pet.

Brush (almost) every day

First thing first, after bath time make sure your dog’s coat is completely dry before brushing. Depending on your dog and the size of their coat, you might brush them weekly, sometimes a few times a week, or sometimes daily.

Improve your dog’s diet

Ask your vet what you should add to your dog’s diet to help with shedding. Common additions are food full of vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 in particular. Fish oil has been scientifically proven to help dogs’ coats and skin. As well as a healthy diet, make sure your dog is drinking enough water. Staying hydrated helps your dog keep moisturized skin and a shinier healthier coat.


For dogs with shorter coats, you can use a natural bristle brush or a grooming glove. On the other hand, for dogs with longer coats you can use a grooming rake, slicker brush, or de-shedding tools.

For grooming and de-shedding:

  1. Grooming brush from Amazon.
  2. Grooming Rake from Chewy.
  3. Fancy grooming brush that makes it easy to remove the hair from Walmart.
  4. De-Shedding tool for dogs, cats, and rabbits from Amazon.
  5. Grooming Gloves from Chewy.
  6. Slicker Brush from Chewy.
  7. A brush that collects your dog’s hair for you! This fancy grooming tool might be expensive, but it comes with multiple attachments to work on many different dog’s hair types. From Amazon.

For removing hair from the house:

  1. Pet Hair Remover from Big Barker.
  2. Handheld vacuum for furniture from Walmart.