biscuits for good

Two middle school students from St. George’s School recently made a $300 donation to SHS, the proceeds of a dog biscuit-making venture that started as a school project.

Mason and Shawn started the Genius Hour Project as 7th graders when they decided to look into creating a healthy dog treat. Both boys have dogs and want them to live long and healthy lives. They talked with a nutritionist and a veterinarian to learn what types of ingredients were good for dogs and they created several recipes which they tested on 10 different dogs.

While COVID temporarily derailed the completion of their project, it did give the boys extra time to work on their marketing and advertising. They decided that one competitive advantage would be to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity – and they selected SHS!

The biscuits were sold to family and friends and although the boys have finished their project and sold all of their product, they now have a dog-tested recipe if they decide to pursue their entrepreneurial interests further.

Thank you Mason and Shawn!