Feyre’s Battle to Recovery

Feyre is a fighter. When we received our litter of parvovirus puppies, this tiny pup was the sickest of the bunch. She fought incredibly hard for her survival, and while she is now officially parvo negative, the disease took its toll on her little body. As a reminder of her battle with parvo, Feyre has been struggling with a neurological issue that impacts the mobility in her hind legs. At the beginning of her recovery, Feyre could barely stand or walk. Thanks to the work of SHS’s clinic team, Feyre is improving leaps and bounds from just a few weeks ago!

Our incredible clinic team has been working hard to improve Feyre’s mobility. One of their methods: puppy acupuncture! Feyre’s foster parents bring her in once a week for a 20-minute acupuncture session where tiny needles are placed along her spine and hind legs to help stimulate the nervous system. Feyre doesn’t seem to mind these sessions, especially because she gets tons of spray cheese!

These acupuncture sessions, along with medicinal treatments, have helped Feyre to stand and walk on her own. After just four sessions, she gave us a little jog around the clinic to show her progress!

Feyre’s condition has required expensive treatments, including a trip to WSU for examinations. Our ability to care for Feyre is thanks to the wonderful donations from the community to our STAR Fund, which provides critical support for animals in need. We are so grateful for the many community members who showed up for SHS and donated to our STAR Fund, making it a possibility for Feyre to live a long and happy life!