fostering saves lives

Foster a dog or cat can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Sometimes kittens or puppies need to a few days to gain a little bit of weight before they can be spayed or neutered. Orphaned kittens or puppies may need to be bottle fed and that’s an intensive, round-the-clock effort that not everyone can do.

We have some animals that completely shut down when the enter the shelter. They go to the furthest corner of their kennel and won’t come out for a walk or a special treat. We try to get these animals into a foster home as fast as possible to reduce or eliminate the trauma they are experiencing.

Foster homes are urgently needed for SHS animals. Right now, we have more animals that need foster care than we have foster homes available. Can you open your home and heart to help an animal in need? Please complete an application.

If you can’t foster, but still want to help SHS, you can volunteer! There are many ways to volunteer – walking dogs, socializing cats, laundry, clean-up, or assist checking patients in and out of our clinic. We also have some openings for volunteers for our fundraising events, Parade of Paws and FurrBall. To get started, complete an application.

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