Free Spay and Neuter Clinic at SHS

The Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies provided Spokane Humane Society (SHS) funds for a two-day free spay/neuter clinic. To make this event possible, funds were raised by WA state residents by purchasing Spay, Neuter, Adopt license plates which can be purchased HERE. The proceeds from the Spay, Neuter, Adopt license plates help save the lives of more than 8,000 pets a year. Drive with a purpose and purchase your license plate today!

The first day of the free spay/neuter clinic was January 23rd and 30 community-owned cats were spayed or neutered on-site at Spokane Humane Society.

“It is important to spay and neuter your pets to reduce our pet homelessness crisis, that we have right now, and… to reduce pet overpopulation,” Director of Veterinary Medicine and Operations, Dr. Megan.

Spokane Humane Society and other local shelters have noticed an increase in young kittens and puppies needing forever homes because of unwanted pregnancies.

There was a recent intake at SHS of seven (named after the seven dwarfs) mixed-breed pups; the momma dog was a Labradoodle and the dad’s breeds were unknown. These pups were a transfer from Okandogs, a full shelter located in Cashmere, WA. Thankfully the momma dog is getting spayed through the program “Mom’s Last Litter.” The program was designed to help pet owners safely and responsibly respond to accidental pregnancies and prevent future pregnancies… learn more HERE.

During the month of February, SHS did another transfer from Okandogs.

“…we took in 19 puppies…  this group of puppies will gratefully be spayed and neutered before they will be placed up for adoption. When I think of February being spay and neuter awareness month, I think about the importance that in regard to not contributing to pet overpopulation and pet homelessness. So, these 19 puppies, all being 12 weeks, if all of them had a litter of 8 puppies that’s 150 dogs that are prevented from hopefully entering a shelter setting.” Foster Coordinator, Amanda Smith.

To reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, and to reduce the number of animals in shelter living, it is important to spay and neuter your pets. For some individuals, clinic costs are unfeasible, so Spokane Humane Society was excited to partner with The Federation to help low-income families with a free spay/neuter clinic.

Another option for low-income animal care is PetSavers located in Spokane, WA. Find more information HERE.

The second day of the free spay/neuter clinic was January 30th, and 26 community-owner cats were spayed or neutered on-site at Spokane Humane Society. Community members put down a deposit of $25 which was returned at the time of their appointment. The SHS clinic also offered take-home pain medication and microchips for only $25.

Families must be considered low-income and be able to demonstrate they are recipients of a public assistance program to qualify for spay/neuter services at SHS. Make an appointment HERE.