Long-Term Resident: Meet Yoda and Rosebud


Yoda and Rosebud (Rosie) are a bonded sister pair who love each other immensely. Their connection is so strong that they do everything, and go everywhere, together! Yoda acts as the role model while Rosie happily follows along.

In the past, they lived with other dogs and got along just fine. However, Yoda and Rosie have never been around cats or children; they both get scared with loud noises and sudden movements.

Both pups are a flight risk, especially Rosebud who escaped from her foster family last year. Once you have earned their trust, Yoda and Rosebud will let their guard down and feel safe and comfortable in their new home… but it will take time! Rosie will take longer to warm up, she won’t let most SHS staff come up to due to fear from her past. But once you get Yoda on your side, Rosebud will follow along soon after.



What SHS staff members and past owners say about Yoda and Rosebud:
  • With their past owners, Yoda and Rosie were never put on a leash. Now, they walk together on a leash and love it!
  • Both girls are a huge flight risk if they get loose before bonding and trusting their new family.
  • SHS has tried to separate these girls but without each other they stop eating, hide in their kennels, and act out negatively… it is better if they are always kept together.
  • Yoda and Rosebud’s foster family said they loved car rides.


The type of home Yoda and Rosebud are looking for:
  • They would thrive in a quiet home with slow and steady interactions until they feel fully comfortable.
  • Yoda and Rosebud would do best with a dog savvy family that understands their unique quirks and personalities. If you are wanting to adopt your first dog ever, these two might not be the best for you.


These girls are looking for a family that won’t give up on them, and instead stick by their side when times get tough. They might not let you pet them right away, but after some time they will show their sweet loving personalities and you will fall in love with them.

If you are having trouble telling them apart… no problem! Just look at their ears: Yoda’s ears flop down while Rosebud’s ears stay straight up.