Most Meaningful Adoptions of 2023

We recently asked our staff which animal was their most meaningful adoption of 2023.

Here are five adoptions that stood out from the past year:

“While it’s so hard to choose, one of my most meaningful adoptions that stands out from 2023 happened in March when Tiny Dancer (now named Bonnie!), one of our hospice cases at SHS, was adopted into her forever family. At just about a year old, Tiny came to us from Post Falls Animal Safety in November of 2022. Upon arrival and with further diagnostic testing completed by our veterinary team, it was determined that she was born with Renal Dysplasia, a form of kidney disease due to malformation of her kidneys. She also was prescribed five different medications while here at SHS for Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, a medical condition that occurs when tear film is not produced properly. Due to her extensive medical needs, she was placed in and spent just about 3 months in an amazing foster home that was able to administer her medications multiple times daily and ensure she was eating a prescription diet for kidney support. We knew that Tiny’s forever looked specific. It would need to be someone willing to take on her extensive medical care, all while knowing and accepting that we were unsure how much time she had left with us- but we were hopeful that her perfect match would find her. In March of 2023, they did. Tiny was adopted by a truly remarkable family that was willing to open their home and hearts to her big, goofy self. Watching her journey over 5-months, from her beginning at SHS to finding a safe, loving place to spend her life is truly the gift of compassion. I am very humbled and grateful to have played a Tiny role in her story.” Foster Coordinator, Amanda Smith.

“In June of last year, an unwanted litter of puppies was surrendered to SHS and immediately placed in the foster program. Our Foster Coordinator jokingly told me I should foster one, and I laughed it off as I had no intention of bringing another animal into our home at that time. But when his foster fell through and there was one little puppy left after all the others had been picked up by their foster families, I had to take Cinnamon Roll home. Our intention was to give him a home for a few weeks and then pass him off to his forever home, but Cinnamon Roll had other plans. He quickly found his place with our 2 other dogs and 2 cats, somehow seamlessly meeting each animal with the exact kind of friendship they needed. After a few weeks of loving him and much careful consideration, we knew he belonged in our family. We kept his name because it was so fitting for his sweet personality.” Development and Partnerships Coordinator, Mirena Sharpe.

“I have to say that Chancho was my favorite adoption of the year. While he was up at BARK, with me for a month or two, I always looked forward to starting my shift with a head butt from him. Seeing how excited he would get to see our staff warmed my heart, every day I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been adopted yet. Watching him swim in his much too small pool and be able to enjoy the summer help ease the upset over how long he had been with us. I think I might have an overabundance of his photos spilling from my camera roll, but I could never get enough of the sweet face. I remember the first time I meet his adopters coming to take him on a walk and get to know him, I was so excited I think I cried a little; I tried not to become too hopeful as I know these things can fall through. His new parents came to see him a few more times and eventually took him to his forever home. They constantly send in photos of his happiest new life as the most loved and spoiled boy, he’s been enrolled in puppy classes and his parents tend to him so well to make sure he’s always comfortable. I simply cannot express how much it fills my heart for them to have included us so much. The idea that I wouldn’t be able to get those headbutts was glum; but nothing compared to how I was over the moon to see him go to an amazing family. A massive thank you to Chancho’s new family, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for caring for so much about his comfortability and all those big feelings he has.” Adoption Counselor, Emma Wenskii.

“For an adoption of 2023, the one I can really remember is Meg going home with Sue. When they came in, the family explained that they recently had a dog pass and while they are still grieving, they were hoping to find another family member to rescue. I connected with them as I shared my own experience with my senior pup passing in May 2023 and how it’s helped me to have my current pup, Estella to remember him & her playing and to still care for an animal/share that connection. I believe we visited a few animals that day but Meg really stuck out to them for her size and personality. I went over her age, what to expect and that her history is unknown as she was a stray transfer from another rescue. They spent a lot of time with Meg and eventually decided to move forward with adopting.” Adoption Counselor, Sheyenne Hoyt

“My most meaningful adoption this year is for Lola! She was here at the shelter from 10/5/22 to 8/31/2023. She initially came in with her brother Leo…  Leo was adopted on 3/27/23. Lola had the best personality with the people she loved and trusted, super playful like a kitten and a lap loving cuddle bug. She was always getting into the closet to snuggle under a pile of blankets or chasing the laser light which she came to expect as her daily routine. She loved the catio and watching the birdies and was always there to greet you with tons of snuggles and affection. Why she was overlooked for so long was due to the fact she has special medical needs and a prescription diet, plus her age and the fact that she didn’t get along with most other cats. Finally, the family who adopted her brother noticed, on our website, she was still at the shelter. They decided since Leo was settled in nicely with their family and other senior cats, they would give Lola a try too. After lots of updates from her family they say she has adapted wonderfully to the other senior cats and was happy to be back with her brother once more. They sent us pictures of her living her best, most spoiled life and I couldn’t be happier. I miss her all of the time, but it was one of the most amazing happy endings we have had for one of our long-term senior cats!” Cat Kennel Tech, Jessica Varda