To celebrate 30 years of adoptions, PetSmart Charities encourages pet lovers to make room in their hearts and homes and visit Spokane Humane Society at Northpointe PetSmart March 18 – 24.

PetSmart Charities National Adoption Week is a special time during the year. PetSmart partners with Spokane Humane Society featuring adoptable pets to meet in spacious areas, where staff and volunteers are on-hand to make introductions and answer questions. Potential pet parents can also learn about the products and services they’ll need for the best possible start with their new family members.

Northpointe PetSmart, 9950 N Newport Hwy | March 18–24 | 1–5 pm

NAW events are held daily between 1:00–5:00 pm. Please bring your animals for potential meet & greets, *NO HOLDS*. $30 adoption fee for pets 6mos+, $0 fee for pets here over 182+ days. 

$30 adoption fee during March 18–24

for all companion animals over 6mos old in celebration of PetSmart Charities 30th birthday!

MON 3/18

Change my luck

Lucky (pictured) has been with SHS for 430+ days, labeling him a long-term resident. We want to change his luck and many others in our care. So that is why all animal companions who have been with our team for over 182 days are available to go home FREE, not just today– but all week!

TUES 3/19

2 is better than 1

2 is better than 1! We have a couple of amazing bonded pairs that would thrive in their future if they went to a loving home together. Join us on this day to meet pets like Yoda & Rosebud (pictured), May & Humperdink, and felines Cheddar & Cheese. If older than 6mos, adopt BOGO at $30.

WED 3/20

Win a spin for swag

Stop by and spin the wheel for swag, say hello to our team, and potentially meet your companion animal soul mate! Did you know that Spokane Humane Society has been here since 1897? Over 126+ years we have been providing services to our low-income community and caring for homeless animals in need.

THU 3/21

Home free for seniors

$0 fee for senior pets (6 yr+). Adopting a senior pet is good for the soul. Older pets are typically calmer, less destructive, and often already house-trained, making the transition smoother. They provide the same unconditional love and you fulfill the rest of their last days with hope and meaning.

FRI 3/22

Parade of Paws FREE registration

Every adoption on this day comes with a free $30 registration to Parade of Paws on June 1, which includes a signature event t-shirt and swag bag and entry to the day-of FUN! This peer-to-peer fundraising event brings together animal lovers from all walks of life to raise funds for those in care at Spokane Humane Society.

SAT 3/23

the main event, adorable adoptables

You’re invited! Join us at Northpointe PetSmart from 1:00–5:00 pm. Tour our SHS transport van, learn more about foster and volunteer programs, snag some giveaways, and meet all our furry friends eager to be your devoted sidekick. $30 adoption fee for all pets 6mos+. $0 adoption fee for long-term stay companions here over 182+ days.

SUN 3/24

last day $30 adoption fee

“PetSmart Charities National Adoption Week can be the perfect chance to give a pet in need what they need most – people to love,” said Heidi Marston, director of pet placement at PetSmart Charities. Last day to adopt and welcome home a new family member at a reduced fee of $30. Let’s change their world, for the better.

Thank you, PetSmart Charities, for making community connections and providing homeless animals a second chance.

adopted is our favorite breed.