Pawsitive Prison Dog Training – Session 26 is Underway!

We excited to announce that Session 26 is underway! The pups will graduate in April 2020 and will be available for adoption at that time.

During the program, the pups will spend ten weeks at the corrections center where they live with two incarcerated individuals 24-7. The dogs are crate trained, they learn to walk on a leash and also to recognize simple commands such as sit and stay. Some of the dogs come to the Pawsitive Prison Dog Program with socialization issues – maybe they are very shy or maybe they were treated poorly before and are very scared. It is incredibly rewarding to see the individual dogs come out of their shells and grow comfortable around people again. We get to know these dogs much better then the “ordinary” shelter dogs who often only stay with us for a couple of days, so we are a little more picky about who gets to adopt. We want to make sure adopters can take care of the dogs that have special medical needs and can afford to continue those who need it on their special diets and medications. The incarcerated handlers put so much work in to these dogs as they prep them to become your new best friend.

Questions? Contact Maria Burton at

To download an adoption application form, please click on the link below and you will be able to print or download the application. Please fill it out and send it electronically via email or via snail mail.

APPLICATION LINK – Details are in the adoption form