Penny’s Luck Changes at SHS

Calico cat Penny had an unlucky accident on June 3 and broke her leg. But her luck changed the very next day when she was brought to SHS and seen by our veterinary staff. Her leg dangled uselessly and after an x-ray (thank you to all who donated to help us purchase equipment) Dr. Logan determined that her leg needed to be amputated.

Penny is now in foster care, recovering from her surgery and learning about life as a tripod. Her foster mom Debbie is icing her incision site and giving her pain medication. She even set up a ramp so that Penny can more easily get to her bed to rest! Thank you, Debbie for the dedication to keeping Penny comfortable.

Penny is a STAR animal – Special Treatment And Recovery. Your donations to the program make it possible for Penny to have received this care. Once Penny has recovered fully from her accident she’ll be up for adoption! Who knows where life will lead her next.  Perhaps she’ll land in a place where she can inspire others in overcoming whatever obstacles life has produced.

You can help save lives of animals like Penny who through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of extra medical care. Make a donation to the STAR Program here.

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