Rosebud & Yoda

On February 11, our sweet Rosebud managed to wriggle under her foster’s fence and her tracker came off. After five days of sharing posts on social media, pinning posters and handing out fliers, volunteers searching on foot, and community members keeping watch, we are happy to report that Rosebud is now back in our shelter care reunited with her sister, Yoda.

After receiving a tip from a community member spotting Rosebud on their Ringcam, our dedicated volunteers Linda and Claudia worked with the homeowner allowing us to leave blankets of Yoda, Rosebud’s sister, in the area. The following day Linda and Claudia walked the conservation district property with Yoda (with permission) and returned to the home to replace blankets. As Linda turned around, there was Rosebud! Quick on her toes, Linda went to get Yoda from her car. After a few moments of registering recognition, Rosebud trustingly jumped into Linda’s car to be reunited with Yoda.

We are immensely thankful for the community effort in bringing Rosie home. Rosebud and her bonded sister Yoda are available for adoption as a bonded pair.