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STAR Program Ripp7320

The STAR Program – which stands for Special Treatment and Recovery allows us to provide life-saving medical care to abused, neglected, injured and sick shelter animals. Homeless and abandoned pets with poor medical or behavioral conditions tend to be dismissed as adoption candidates, even though many of these animals are simply reacting to the trauma of an injury or the impact of a new circumstance and surroundings.

Dior – a sweet free-roaming, lost Siamese mixed cat was rescued with a severely injured eye that had resulted in total blindness in that eye. Such injuries are often a precursor to cancer and removal of the blind and painful eye was in her best interest.  In addition to vaccinating, spaying and removing her eye, Dior was treated for multiple internal and external parasites. And given our team’s diligent care, we are happy to report that she is on her way to recovering.

If not for STAR, we may not have been able to provide this life-saving care.

The STAR Program is only possible with the help and support of staff, volunteers – including foster families willing to provide temporary housing in a loving home, their compassionate veterinarians, and most importantly, generous people like you.

Donations to the STAR Program helps furry friends like Dior that need and deserve our help. EVERY donation helps.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts – we truly could not do what we do without you!