Where There Are Kittens, There Are Cats: A Tale of Patches & Her Kiddos, Shirt & Pants

In the heart of every rescue story lies a tale of hope, love, and the tireless efforts of compassionate souls. Meet Patches and her adorable kittens, Shirt and Pants – a trio whose journey of second chances is just the beginning.

Patches’ story began on April 4th when she arrived at our shelter to undergo spaying, courtesy of our community partner, Feral Savers—dedicated to managing our community’s feline population through Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR). Little did we know, Patches carried a precious secret – the gift of motherhood.

During her examination, our veterinary team quickly made a discovery – signs of mammary development. We reached out to Feral Savers, initiating a search for Patches’ offspring. True to their mission, they uncovered two tiny miracles, just a day old.

Kittens these young are incredibly vulnerable, and their very best shot at survival is with their mom. Reuniting this family is the best possible outcome (and a major point in our education training).

They have since been transferred to the care of Spokane Humane Society through foster care. Patches has been socialized and has learned that there are perks to living in a house and having human company, like food and affection. As they continue to flourish in our care, the countdown begins to their next milestone – spaying at eight weeks old, marking the final chapter of their quest toward forever homes.

With this, we want to share the importance of spaying and neutering to curb the cycle of feline overpopulation. Kittens can start reproducing at 4 months old, and then they have kittens, and then they have kittens—the cycle doesn’t end. Through education and advocacy, we aim to empower our community, ensuring no cat is left behind. We have immense gratitude toward Feral Savers, whose unwavering dedication embodies the spirit of compassion and collaboration.

Interested in being a part of the work here at SHS? Connect with our Foster Care Coordinator,  Amanda and learn more about how you can foster. amandas@spokanehumanesociety.org.