Winter Gear for your Furry Friends

It is time to prepare for winter weather! Please keep your pets safe and sound from frostbite and potentially loss of life this winter…

Always watch for signs that your pet is cold and please put yourself in their paws before asking them to endure harsh and bitter weather at the expense of their healthy and possibly, life.

We have created a list of items for you and your furry friends this winter season including dog jackets and boots, as well as other products to help keep your fur babies warm.

Dog Boots:

Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots available at RUFFWEAR

Canada Pooch Dog Winter Boots available on AMAZON

Dog Jackets:

Dog Jackets and Vets available at L.L.Bean

Hurrtta Extreme Warmer available on AMAZON

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket available on AMAZON

Carhartt Insulated Dog Coat available at CARHARTT

Other products:

Heated Water Bowl available on AMAZON

Heated Pet Bowl available on AMAZON

Heated Outdoor Dog Pad available on AMAZON

Heating Pad for Kittens available on AMAZON

Winter Paw Protection available on Chewy

And remember, we have a retail wall at our shelter location that has pet beds, toys, and warm winter clothing for your furry friends! Sometimes we have various pet clothing available for only $1. Can’t find what you are looking for, ask our front desk staff!