yoda is ready for forever


 I am Yoda, and just your girl I could be! I came to SHS with two sisters, Rosebud & Zilla. We had never met any other doggos, or even humans before arriving! We were very fearful to even leave our home, but our previous owners had no other options at the time.
Once at SHS, our fear did not end yet. But compassionate people saw our shaking and cowering and knew they could make things all better for us, one step at a time. You see, it can be very scary to see there is other life out there besides our home.
Before arriving, we hadn’t even been on a leash or walked down the street. What we did have was a family to call our own and a home to live in. That’s all we knew we needed at the time.
Now, with a clean slate and so many new things to learn, we first had to overcome our fear of people. After our owners left, we didn’t know who to turn to or who to trust. But a few friendly faces kept showing up. They never gave up on us. 
One friendly face we came to know is Aimee, the SHS behaviorist. She works with pets like me! Everyday, she would enter. And with a kind, gentle and patient hand, helped us slowly learn to accept human contact. With her calm, patient and firm mannerisms, we began letting her run her hand down our backs little by little.
Then, we began meeting other dogs and even attended large shelter dog playgroups! After some time, I began showing off my stuffies to all my favorite staff who walked passed my kennel. I’ve even started to show affection and give doggie “hugs” to those I love. I am a very sweet and loving girl!
Rosebud needs a little more time until she is ready to find her forever home. But now, Zilla has already found hers and I am ready to find mine, too! I am a little skittish of strangers still but would love to get to know you. You can make an adoption center reservation to meet me and a staff member can take us both out to the play yard together! Feel free to walk me around on my leash and give me some gentle loves if I seem open to it. I bet we’ll become the best of friends in no time!
 If you have a heart for the underdog and have the patience, love and time to help me get settled in my forever home with you, I’ll be your most loyal companion. Schedule a time to meet me, today!