Blooms are coming up everywhere!

Did you participate in the first-ever Bloomsdog event last year? It’s coming back for 2022 with a new purpose: a fundraiser for us!

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, last year’s Bloomsday, Spokane’s annual 7.46-mile race for humans who like to run, went all virtual. They added the Bloomsdog event so folks who participated with their dogs could get a special finisher’s medal and certificate.

The good folks at Bloomsday had so much fun that they’re bringing it back and $5 from every entry comes to the Humane Society to help us care for companion animals.

On top of your virtual Bloomsday registration fee ($28), there’s a $20 Bloomsdog fee and $9.99 shipping charge to get everything to your front door.

In all that, you get:

Bloomsdog running bandana with Bloomsdog logo

Give your pup a doggone’ good time! Just make sure your pet is in good shape & always watch for signs of exhaustion or dehydration, as most pets who do not exercise regularly may have a difficult time with the distance. You know your pets best, so we’ll leave that one up to you.

Get registered!