Echo’s Adoption

Echo Found Forever

Echo was a SHS resident for more than 365 days before finding her forever family. You might remember this sweet girl from a blog post last November, Long-Term Resident: Meet Echo.

Before Echo was transferred to SHS from another local shelter, she was found as a stray. When she arrived at SHS, Echo demonstrated extreme aggression towards cats, and she didn’t get along well with other dogs. Many adopters weren’t interested in Echo because she required a single dog home.

Echo, since she is a German Shepherd, gets jumpy, grabby, and sometimes mouthy when excited. These behaviors were assessed by SHS adoption counselors who later decided a home with no young children would be best.

These restrictions held Echo back from finding the perfect home and kept her in shelter living for over a year. Thankfully, an elderly couple came to SHS in January 2024 and knew Echo was the perfect dog for them. These adopters had experience with high energy German Shepherds and understood her boundaries.

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