Foster Friday: Creampuff’s Journey with Swimmer Syndrome

Creampuff, a four-week-old foster kitten, was just diagnosed with Swimmer Syndrome. This congenital condition impacts both kittens and puppies, causing their legs to splay outward. Swimmer’s Syndrome commonly affects the hind legs, resulting in the animal having frog-like posture. When left untreated, Swimmer Syndrome can detrimentally harm young animal’s mobility, and can even cause them to lose their ability to walk. 

When Creampuff arrived for his examination, he could barely walk and was using the front of his body to pull his back legs along with him. Luckily, at just four weeks old, Creampuff is likely to make a full recovery. If he had been much older, his journey to recovery would have been more difficult.

For his treatment, our clinic team wrapped his back legs with medical tape. This method will help his muscles adjust to being in their correct positions as he grows and uses his legs more and more. Also, he’ll need physical therapy, massage therapy, and small position adjustments such as moving his feet under him while he eats to properly heal. With the use of these treatments, this goofy guy should be running and playing in no time! 

Creampuff has been placed with an incredible foster family who will help facilitate his physical therapy and help him heal. We are immensely grateful for our fosters who help to save the lives of kittens like Creampuff!