From Abandoned to Adored: Box Babies

In the early hours of this past Monday, a small cardboard box sat quietly outside the doors of Spokane Humane Society, a silent plea for help. Within the confines of that box lay a precious cargo – a litter of tiny, helpless puppies, abandoned and alone. But thanks to the dedication and quick response of our team and fosters, their story took a turn for the better.

Swiftly responding, our team sprang into action. The puppies were carefully brought inside, examined, gently bathed, and their bellies filled. But the journey had only just begun. At such a tender age, these puppies needed specialized care and attention, which our shelter environment couldn’t provide until they were vaccinated and scheduled for spaying and neutering.

Thankfully, our network of fosters stepped up to the plate, opening their hearts and homes to these precious pups. Within hours, they were placed in loving foster homes, where they could be provided attention and love within safety and comfort.

Just a couple of days later, thanks to the tireless efforts of our clinic team, the puppies received their vaccinations and underwent spaying and neutering procedures. Now, they’re healthy, happy, and ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that these once-abandoned puppies are officially available for adoption! Thanks to our partners at BARK, A Rescue Pub, and through PetSmart Charities and our Everyday Adoption Center at Northpointe PetSmart, they’ll have the chance to find their forever homes and bring joy to loving families.

But their journey serves as a poignant reminder – for every abandoned animal, there’s a community of compassionate individuals ready to step in and make a difference. We understand that to whoever left these precious little ones at our door, this may have felt like your very last option, but please, talk to us. We want to help however we can, or be able to provide the options. Before you abandon your pets, understand by doing so, you could be doing more harm… let’s work together. Together, we can rewrite their stories, transforming tales of hardship into narratives of hope and resilience.

Join us in celebrating these adorable puppies and the incredible journey they’ve undertaken. Visit our partners today to meet them in person and discover the joy of adoption!

If you would like to contribute to our mission in helping animals like these sweet pups who were abandoned, please send a donation in support. We thank you for your kindness and gift of love. Give today


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