Happy Tails for Blu and His Owner

When people fall on hard times, doing the right thing for their animals can be an excruciating decision. This was true for an Australian Shepherd named Blu. His owner arrived in Spokane during our record-setting heatwave and discovered that the housing he had set up had fallen through.

He was forced to live in his car but was so worried about how Blu would fare in the dangerous heat. Although he had raised Blu since he was a puppy, he contemplated surrendering him because he didn’t want to see him suffer.

We agreed to take Blue for a few days while his owner tried to sort his situation out. Blu’s owner got lodging at a shelter and found work as a day laborer. He even found time to come and visit Blu. After six days, he had earned enough money so that he could buy gas to go to Wenatchee, where a cousin agreed to take him, and Blu, in.

Blu, you are a lucky dog to have someone so devoted to your care. We hope life in Wenatchee is good to you both!

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