Kennel 2 Renovation is Complete

SHS is so happy to announce that our Kennel 2 Renovation is complete.

Our Board of Directors and Executive Director have been hard at work, improving our 55+ year-old shelter location at 6607 N Havana St. This installation of brand new, state-of-the-art Midmark kennels in one of two canine wings, is another step in the right direction! Now we have 53 brand new, gorgeous kennels… and the dogs (and our staff members) are loving them.

“These new kennels are specifically designed to enhance the quality of life for our furry friends. By reducing sounds and visual distractions, as well as providing enhanced kennel space, the Midmark kennels will truly make a difference. We will also be installing acoustic baffles in the kennel wing to further dampen noise. Importantly, these kennels are also designed to be easily reinstalled in our future shelter, making them a smart and fiscally responsible investment.” – Jeff Milligan, SHS Board and Property Committee Member

SHS partnered with Nokes Builders and Midmark. Nokes Builders completed the pre-construction timeline and contract, while Midmark finished the pre-design of the kennels.

“Midmark is proud to partner with Spokane Humane Society to offer an exceptional housing solution for canines in one of their two K9 wings – the Sani-Kennel. Working closely with the humane society team, we have meticulously designed these kennels to prioritize the well-being of animals, reducing their fear, anxiety, and stress. Our innovative solution includes improved ventilation, reduced visual stimulus, sound dampening, rest benches, and FRP divider panels. Midmark Sani-Kennels are built with a watertight-sealed frame to prevent the spread of disease between kennels. Additionally, they boast a convenient two-way door latch, facilitating easy interaction between canines and staff. By providing a comfortable and safe space for these animals, we aim to help them feel at home while in the shelter environment. When they are content and relaxed, they are more likely to form connections with people and ultimately find their forever home.” – Matt Christiansen, Territory Portfolio Manager Midmark Corporation

The project started late September and finished early November. The SHS intake office was closed during construction and has been slowly reopening since the instillation was completed.

We greatly appreciate our community’s patience and support as we make these important improvements. Exciting times are ahead for Spokane Humane Society. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Watch the renovation HERE.