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Domestic Longhair

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5.25 Years (Adult)

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Spokane Humane Society

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Tigger and her brother, Jungle Grey are VERY closely bonded and will need to go home together. They have never been apart and are a great comfort to each other and provide a sense of security for each other. They are both extremely shy and reserved at this time and may always be on the shy side, but they have a lot of potential. They will need a very special person who will give them all the time they need to adjust to a new home and new surroundings. Someone very very patient, who will not make demands on them or expect them to behave like most cats do. Their lives have been completely disrupted and nothing at the shelter is familiar or comforting for these two special cats, they only have each other for support and comfort. It will probably take them months to learn to trust someone new. They are very frightened and stressed and do not like to be handled at this time. A quiet, easy going, non demanding home is what they need most. An adult only home with experienced, cat savvy people. Not a lot of activity or big expectations in the beginning. They just need a warm, quiet, safe place to call home. A couple of large, soft cuddle beds on some out of the way perches, where they can just watch their new people and get used to their new home without being overwhelmed. They may never be as comfortable as most cats become, but they are loving and gentle and deserving of a chance at a happy new life. Could you make a home for two small, warm little friends? Two small lives who won't make many demands of you? Just a warm place to sleep, good food, safety and the security of never having to fend for themselves again. Someone for you to come home to each day, and someone who will learn to trust you and in time look forward to seeing you when you come home. What could be nicer than that?
They both LOVE cat nip and stringy toys that they can drag back into their lair. We actually caught Jungle Grey batting a little toy mouse around his room this week and carrying it around in his mouth. A sweet, unexpected sight. Tigger is especially fond of the stringy toys.
A new blended family for the new year? Think about it…..we'll be waiting……

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