Seven Kittens Struggle with Severe Eye Infections

On July 3rd, we welcomed seven kittens from a partner rescue. These tiny kittens all suffer from untreated upper respiratory infections (URI) which spread to their eyes, causing severe damage to their eyesight. URIs are common among kittens, as well as side-effects like conjunctivitis. When these symptoms are treated early, most kittens will make a full recovery. In the case of these seven babies, they arrived in our care too late to recover, and many of them will lose one or both of their eyes. They will have their surgeries next week! 

Our incredible clinic team is hard at work helping to ease the discomfort for these tiny kittens, wiping discharge from their eyes and providing warm compresses until their surgeries. One of our shelter dogs, Hank, became a blood donor, which our lead DVM, Dr. Megan, developed into a serum that can be used to treat the less severe eye infections. Thanks Hank!  

Despite losing their eyesight, these kittens are expected to live long, happy lives. Our resident clinic cat, Adira, is missing both of her eyes from a similar infection. Despite her blindness, she is fully aware of her surroundings and still manages to get into all kinds of trouble! 

These kitties are headed to wonderful foster homes to heal pre and post-surgery until they can be adopted. If you’re looking for any adorable eyeless kitties, keep an eye on the adoption page of our website for updates! 

We are unbelievably lucky to have such a dedicated clinic team who provides such exceptional care for our shelter animals. These seven kitties are in good hands!