SPRING IS HERE, and Puppies Too!

“Spring Litter” Tulip, Daffodil, Bumble Bee, Sprout, Robin, Peter Rabbit, Paisley, Bloom, Sunny and Pollen are 4-week-old pups that were abandoned and transferred to Spokane Humane Society. Each pup weighed between 2- 2.6lbs pounds upon arrival- so itty bitty!

Fortunately, four amazing foster families quickly stepped forward to welcome these pups into their homes within just one day. The ongoing demand for foster care remains significant in light of our community’s needs, particularly for puppies of such a tender age who are best kept away from shelter environments until they are old enough to receive vaccinations, reducing their vulnerability to diseases and infections. Thankfully, all the puppies are thriving.

In their foster homes, the puppies will have a safe space to grow and continue socialization until they are ready to be spayed and neutered at 8 weeks old and placed up for adoption.

​As they were abandoned without their mother, each group was sent with a stuffed heartbeat toy for comfort. This mimics the heartbeat a young animal would feel by snuggling up to their mom. They were also sent with plenty of wet puppy food that they are eagerly eating, as their baby teeth continue to come through. Spokane Humane Society is able to care for these sweet souls because of the support from our community and thankful for the trust of our partner to take them in. If you want to support our programs and the work we do to help animals in need, please consider donating. You can also contribute wet puppy food and heartbeat toys through our Amazon Wishlist. Reach our foster care coordinator for more information on how you can join the program!