SHS Partners with Other Local Shelters

On December 7, 2023, Grant County Animal Outreach (GCAO) brought nine cats to Spokane Humane Society’s shelter location. Sound familiar? GCAO just brought over 10 puppies last month, read the story HERE! Again, CGAO Board of Directors Vice President Kar Vanerstorm brought the cats in a U-Haul since her facility didn’t have a large enough transport vehicle.

“This endeavor of finding places like SHS was a fantastic blessing for GCAO.” – Vanerstorm

SHS was able to intake five out of the nine cats that GCAO brought from Moses Lake. Unfortunately, we were unable to take all of the cats due to sickness and behavior concerns.

Exam Technician, Shelby Horne, and Foster Coordinator Amanda Smith worked together in the SHS exam room to evaluate each cat. Since the cats had traveled two hours to the SHS shelter, they were scared and shy. Shelby took her time, helping each cat feel comfortable in their new environment; she used Churu to lure them out of their travel carriers and provided lots of pets before examination.

During the intake evaluation, Shelby looked at each cat’s teeth, paws, and overall bodies for hair loss (which could indicate ringworm) and any masses or lumps (which could be cancerous). During the evaluation, their behavior is also assessed.

“Right now, every shelter (and rescue) is facing a large influx of animals needing our services. For every one animal we intake and place in their forever home, we are immediately faced with many more needing our voice, our compassion, and understanding. I truly am thankful that we can all work together and continue our shared mission to place as many animals in safe, loving homes as we can.” – Horne

SHS is thankful to have the recourses and opportunities to help other local shelters in need, and we hope that other local shelters will reach out to us if they need support.

“By working together and partnering with places like SHS is one we (GCAO) plan to continue. It really does take a village and we are so grateful for people like you that share our passion for the abused, abandoned, and discarded. To be the voice for the voiceless is our goal. And we will not stop until our treasures have homes of their own.” – Vanerstorm

Abyss, Kiki Lady, Smalls, Buttercup, Tootsie are currently unavailable for adoption. (UPDATE: Kiki Lady is available for adoption 12/19 at PetSmart Northpointe) Please continue to check our website HERE for updates.

“I am super grateful we have been able to partner with other rescue organizations. Support is incredibly important within the world of animal welfare and I’m happy we have been in a position as an agency where we are able to connect with other rescues and shelters to help when we can.” – Smith