November 2023 – 101 adoptions

November was a fantastic month for SHS because there were 101 adoptions, we hosted our 24th Annual FurrBall Gala which raised money for shelter animals in need, and we completed our K2 Renovation! Check out the new kennels HERE.

Spokane Humane Society’s 24th Annual FurrBall Gala was held on November 18, 2023, at the Davenport Grand and over 800 animal lovers came in support of the shelter animals. The event was spectacular! All four kittens and the three puppies that walked across the stage during the Parade of Animals were adopted that same weekend at PetSmart Northpointe.

SHS wants to say a special thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and staff members who helped during the event, as well as our incredible donors and community supporters who gave so much to help animals in need. Thank you!

Here are a few special adoptions throughout the month:

Chancho – This five-year-old German Shepherd was a long-term resident at SHS due to his elbow dysplasia and arthritis. Since Chancho required medical supplements and could only participate in low impact activities, many community members weren’t interested in adopting him. One day an amazing couple came into the shelter location looking for a long-term resident who had a medical condition. This couple adopted another dog from SHS back in 2022 named Caesar who experienced seizures until he passed away in 2023. This couple understood that animals with medical issues were often overlooked in the shelter and wanted to provide a loving forever home for another dog in need. Chancho is happy in home and SHS staff members couldn’t be more thankful for his amazing adopters!

Cat – This cat named Cat was surrendered to SHS back in February of 2022 because her family was moving and couldn’t take her with them. Cat was in our care for 11 days before getting adopted; she was happy in home for 334 days until her family was moving and couldn’t take her with them… again! Since Cat had a few health issues in the past including needing dental exactions, many adopters weren’t interested in her knowing there was a possibility of more health concerns in the future. Cat was an SHS resident for about 300 days before she was adopted.

Tuff – Tuff arrived at SHS in May 2023 with septic arthritis in both his left hind stifle and hock. After antibiotic therapy, hydrotherapy and physical rehabilitation, amputation was still recommended because his cartilage was deteriorating. After many months of care, and multiple different foster homes, Tuff found forever; he was adopted November 11, 2023. Read more about Tuff HERE.

Charlie – Charlie is a 10-year-old American Eskimo Mix who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2022… read the story HERE. Almost 400 days in shelter living, bouncing around between different foster homes, he was adopted to an elderly couple that fell in love with him the second they met him. Read about his adoption HERE.

At the end of the month, Grant County Animal Outreach (GCAO) brought 10 puppies to Spokane Humane Society’s shelter location because their shelter was at max capacity. Pups Guapo, Etta, and Mochi are still available for adoption. Read the full story HERE.